Hi guys! I am so terribly sorry for being quiet lately! We are moving the site and I am not sure why but this activity is taking way too much time and there are so many issues I don’t know where to start! Please bear with me.

I hope you all had a very Happy Easter and ate way too much chocolate! I did, and since it is Easter just for my husband, we’ll celebrate again when mine comes along :)

Happy Monday!


Snow white


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Together with the snow came my perfect shoes for spring. Remember the blue Saint Laurent? They’re just the same, but pure, perfect white. Dove white, as Hedi named them.

I’ve been looking for them all over the place and they were either sold out or too small and so I called the store last week and voilà!! Now they’re mine! Perfect for spring, if it ever decides to come to Vienna.






Happy Thursday!

Add to cart


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Yesterday I received an e-mail from mytheresa congratulating me for being upgraded to premium customer. Hm. I wasn’t sure this is exactly a good thing. My online shopping experience started two years ago – while being in the office I noticed all my colleagues receiving all these packages. At first I didn’t pay any attention to it and then, one Friday – being almost 7PM and I still at my desk – I asked the girls to introduce to me this shopping world as I need a dress for a wedding and I knew I won’t have the time to go to the stores – not to mention the stores close at 18:30 in Vienna and I work until at least 19:00. The next thing I knew is getting a package at the office. Yay – so excited! It’s so nice to receive something – even if I paid for it myself.

So, online shopping. I find it very convenient mostly because of my schedule.

Since I started shopping this way, I never returned an item, I only exchanged one pair of shoes once and that was that.
Quality is important so I always look at the material no matter if I shop in a brick and mortar shop or online. I never buy a polyester or whatever other plastic fiber clothes, unless it’s a combination of at least 70% cotton/silk/wool, etc. and then I know it will feel great and won’t look bad. I know my size perfectly, which I believe it’s always important and I always check the “size & fit” tab.

Nevertheless, even though the online services are great I still prefer going to the shop. It’s of course another experience, especially when you shop in a luxury flag ship store. The only thing to consider here is the type of shopper you are. There are those who like to look around, try on things, think about which item to choose, etc. Then there are those who know what they want and go just for that and don’t spend another minute or thought on other items (this would be me). There are also those who are shy going into a luxury store (even if they could afford the entire rack of clothes) and there are those who want to have the collection NOW without waiting for the shops to bring it in (think logistics and Moda Operandi + the women of the Emirates).

Anyway, looking at advantages and disadvantages thought it depends: online you can shop 24/7, no schedule required. At the shops you can only go when they are open so you have to schedule them in your agenda. Then there’s this thing of never finding what you are looking for when going shopping, either the collection is not in yet, or your size is gone, or they don’t bring that brand in the shop, the brand doesn’t have its own flagship store in town etc, etc. Then again, online you can’t touch the clothes, you can’t try it on the moment you see it, you have to wait 2 days to have it delivered (which is not such a bad thing), have to send it back if you don’t like it, etc. But the online shops are trying harder these days to enhance the customer experience, to make the customer come back and of course, to gain the customer’s trust. One time I shopped online at Prada and they called me to check the order, to check if it was me who placed the order, to make sure the delivery address was correct and all this. In the store they never once asked me for an ID when I gave them my credit card. Which is fine, but you never know…

At the end of the day, we could make a SWOT analysis of the online vs. brick and mortar shopping but that’s not the point. Everybody should shop the way it fits their lifestyle best. For example, my husband doesn’t like online shopping, he’d rather take some days off and make it all about shopping in the traditional way. I would get bored.

Happy shopping!

The two of us


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Last year, when visiting my friend in Nice, I was admiring her impressive collection of loafers. Like many chic French women, she can make the most boring thing look awesome, but these loafers were awesome by themselves! She introduced me then to François, who has a wonderful story behind his shoe production.

I immediately ordered a pair, with my initials, and then I wanted to do something very special for my husband. Mychatelles offers a wide range of slippers/loafers for women, so I had the honor to have produced a pair for men, with the initials of my husband. I was very grateful to François for helping me with this just before Christmas. Not only was my husband happy, he was also very proud to be the only man out there with a unique pair of loafers.

The loafers are unique for us ladies as well, as we can add our initials and choose from the many great colors which are just perfect for spring or cooler days in summer. I love mine so much I wore them inside the house all the time. As soon as the sun comes out, I will take them for a stroll!







Happy Tuesday!

Another yesterday


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I love weekends when I have nothing going on and I can just relax without being worried that I have another deadline, meeting or contract to negotiate. This weekend is the first one we spent at home in a long time and yesterday we just had a late lunch together and then walked through the city, enjoying the day.



It was nice outside, but not too warm so I wore my trench and decided to have the same bag I had on Friday, as the colors were complementing each other nicely.



Happy Sunday!



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Earlier this week I wanted to put all my boots away as the weather was simply gorgeous, but starting with yesterday it already turned back to gray. My blogger friends told me so and despite the forecast, I really hope winter doesn’t come back.
On what I hope to be one of the last cold weather outfits, I took for a walk my Balenciaga boots.





Burberry top and skirt, Balenciaga boots, Chanel bag

Burberry top and skirt, Balenciaga boots, Chanel bag

Happy Saturday!

Happy Women’s Day!


Happy Women’s Day, you gorgeous ladies! Hope you started the day beautifully and spending it looking forward to a party tonight – because it’s 8th of March and because it’s Friday!
I don’t really know if you actually celebrate this day in Austria like people do in some other countries, but I think it’s great for women to have a special day and remember to be kind and lovely to each other.
In my family, we celebrate 1st and 8th of March and we love it, because men (ALL men that know us) bring us flowers, small gifts and plan a dinner :) It’s not the gifts that thrill us – but we don’t mind – but the fact that we are surrounded with so many nice people at once who are ready to celebrate our special day.
On these two days the city is full of flowers and women receive them even from strangers, just walking down the street, from everybody in the office, from all their friends, from all the clients and partners. At the end of the day there are so many flowers you feel overwhelmed – and just like around Christmas, people should remember to be kind to each other every day, not just on one special day – but maybe this is what makes it special? I don’t know, but I love it!

This is what was waiting for me this morning, looking forward to the flowers now :)


Happy, happy Friday!

The new old



Come spring, we have to refresh the wardrobe, and for me this means also a bit of sorting through things and putting the winter boots away, but keeping close the rain boots – just in case.
Sometimes I am confused though and I don’t know what to wear because ok, the sun is shining and all that but it’s not that warm yet. I mean, if we put on the Greek sandals, our feet will be close to freezing. But also, keeping the boots on is a bit much – at least for me.
Few years ago I went for something in between – a cropped bootie. They are warm enough and it doesn’t scream “I am freezing!”
What do you wear in your transition from boots to sandals?

I am particularly in love with these ones because the perforated leather resembles lace, they are soft and not too high, just right.






Happy Thursday!

Seven days


Image source: Google

Image source: Google

Hi loves! It’s been a bit over a week since my last post and I am sorry for that. As some of you might now already, I got married last October in New York but we decided to have the big wedding party this October, in Europe someplace. Because of my double nationality and being married to an American, this seems to be a bit more complicated than we thought. Choosing a place, a restaurant, a church, a dress, then another dress, shoes and all that can be a bit intense. I thought of hiring a wedding planner but I am a control freak so I must do it all alone to know for sure that everything is exactly like I wanted with no sentences starting with “yes, but…”.

So, long story short, this week we’ve been away, trying to sign contract after contract and establish the big details for now like guest list, print the “save the date” cards, invitations and choosing the flowers. I also bought the bridal dress but can’t show it yet…you know, the husband shouldn’t see it.

Back to the daily stuff, all this seems so far away already, but soon again we’ll have to go cake testing and all that. Luckily I am calm along the process, and not a bridezilla, like my brother was shocked to discover. “Who knew you could be this calm?” were his exact words.

Meanwhile, if you have any advice, please be kind and share it with me. It would be highly appreciated.

I missed you guys! Happy Wednesday!


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